Our Carpet Care Services

Our primary goal is and has always been to make our clients happy. Achieving this not only comes from providing exceptional service but more importantly from focusing on the exact needs of the customer and making sure that there is good communication met expectations.

Carpet Cleaning

Econo Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful mounted steam cleaner that cleans deeper into your carpet and removes all dirt. We recommend vacuuming your carpets twice a week to keep them looking their best and to prevent dirt from building up in your carpet. All of the chemicals we use are environmentally safe and biodegradable. Furthermore, our carpet cleaning services is 100% guaranteed for all pet problems.

Carpet Cleaning Pre-Conditioning

(Sanitizer, Pet Odor Control, Degreaser, Carpet Stain Removal , Spot Remover) – our clients get top notch cleaning and use of modern technology to wash and precondition carpet, rugs, and upholstery. We employ the latest technology in carpet cleaning and per-conditioning to provide you optimum satisfaction and a sense of well being.

Pet Odor And Stains

We provide pet odor control services and various other odor control services to help make your house smell like new. Let our Econo Carpet Cleaning experts take care of smoke odor, pet odor, and musty odor from mold and mildew.

Upholstery Cleaning

We provide some of the highest quality upholstery cleaning services around.  We make sure we clean your valuable upholstery with the care and professionalism you would come to expect from a top rate upholstery cleaning company.Please contact us today so we can make that old piece of furniture look new again using our upholstery cleaning service.

Tile & Grout

Our tile and grout cleaning services leave your home looking brand new! We use a Rotovac machine to clean your tile and grout, which ensures your tile is restored back to its original color. Our professionals know how to properly handle the machine to ensure safe use and no broken tiles on your floor.

Carpet Repair

We offer carpet repair services to remove stains, cigarette burns, and carpets. Our repairs come with a convenient 1-year warranty for all services. We work quickly and efficiently to make sure you are satisfied. Our aim in cleaning your carpets is to restore it as close to its original condition as possible. Our cleaning methods include a pre-treatment, spotting and steam cleaning. If there are heavy traffic lanes or areas that need extra attention, we will scrub to ensure the best clean possible. (Scrubbing is an additional charge).

Water Damage

Emergency water extraction is available for any type of home and our professionals offer water extraction for both carpet and tile flooring. Our water extraction specialists will remove the excess water quickly preventing the greater problem of mildew. If you do happen to have mildew we will use our methods to limit the scope of the exposure and eliminate the existing mildew. In short, we can help resolve your flooding or excess water issue no matter what it may be. In addition to removing the excess water, we also place commercial-grade fans to help your carpet dry faster so you may return to your normal lives.

Fire & Smoke Damage

We assist you with any restoration you may need due to smoke damage or fire damage.  Our first task is evaluating the degree of the smoke or fire damage and then giving you the most sensible plan of restoration while specifying the appropriate timetable for its completion.Our efforts will save time and money and most importantly the aggravation of thinking some of valuable property may have been ruined.  If we can save it we will!

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